Does the truth matter?

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Sitting in front of the TV last night watching X-files, I came to wonder if the truth really matters. I am not sure if it really matters if we know the truth, and I wonder if the truth is just a perception of reality anyway. When I am at Heathrow escorts, I know that not all of my dates tell me the truth. It does not really matter to me, and I just accept the dates for what they are. Many of the gents who come to see me are really lonely, and do not know want to be their real selves.

I can understand that in many ways but the truth is that I am not sure that their lives are so boring. Maybe some of them do not tell me the truth about themselves for many other reasons, and I can understand that. Most of the time I am a bit reluctant to give away personal information when I am working, and that is why I don’t. That being said, a lot of the guys that I meet at Heathrow escorts are really nice, and talk about themselves a lot. In that I find myself opening up to them as well.

Most people have something interesting to say about themselves. Having our own little stories to tell is what makes our live so interesting,a and it is that kind of gents that I enjoy meeting at Heathrow escorts. You feel that they kind of bring something to themselves to the date, and I must admit that I am grateful for that. But, I do deal with a lot of gents who do not tell the truth and seem to be just as mysterious as many of the characters on X files. Maybe that is how they would like to be perceived.

When I meet a new date at Heathrow escorts I always start off slow, and try to get to know them. Sometimes you date a gent only once and in that case it is not easy to get him to open about to you. I like to think that I am easy to talk to and easy to get on with, but I understand that some gents are shy. That certainly applies to all of the gents who are new to dating escorts. We do get a lot of those at the agency as we date a lot of lonely business men.

I have learned that listening is more important than talking, and I spend a lot of my time at Heathrow escorts just listening to somebody else. This is what a lot of counselors do and I think it works. When a gent leaves, they often say that they have been able to have a nice chat. Toe be honest, we probably have not done so much chatting, but my gent has probably done a lot of talking. I think that many of the gents that I meet need to be listened to and not spoken to. Does it make sense? I hope it does… the truth is out there.

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